Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Climbing trip to El Chorro (or pain in Spain part 1)

Due to not much climbing this year our hard won climbing strength has sadly abandoned us, and so with the temperatures hitting the high 30's (not to mention hitting the beer a little too hard the night before!) we decided to make it more of an exploratory trip and keep it to a handful of easy climbs.
Initially we checked out one of the high level crags that stays fairly shady, and has amazing views across the surrounding area. We knocked out a handful of easy climbs before the heat began to boil our ale marinaded brains. We decided to head down to El Chorro gorge itself to try the Kings walkway but the Via Ferrata cable that allows access seems to have been removed so we settled for almost getting mown down by a train in one of the tunnels instead!
After the most uncomfortable night ever trying to sleep in the Landy we headed back to a crag that is set high above the gorge. Once again with amazing views and with Vultures circling over head it made for a pretty spectacular setting. But if we thought it was hot yesterday it was like a bloody furnace today. The afternoon was bought to a timely close when Gez took a fair sized fall, catching his foot in a crack on the way down and badly spraining his ankle.
With it all bandaged up and a makeshift walking stick (the first aid course staring to pay off!) we headed home, but vowed to return next spring before the heat gets turned up again as it is an amazing place. So if anyone fancies tagging along for a spot of climbing in a world class destination then give us a shout......

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