Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Trailbase MTB trip, Sierra Nevada (or pain in Spain part 2)

After dropping an injured Gez (see El Chorro post) at the airport, and playing host to my wifey and mother in law for a few days, the 3 Amigos (Mark, Ollie, and Pete) came over to Trailbase lodge for a spot of biking. However 3 very rapidly became 2 as Mark bust his collarbone on the first day out after a high speed off! We managed to get him off the mountain and to hospital where they very kindly dressed him in a white cape and strapped both shoulders back making him look like a cross between a super hero and Norman Wisdom. Needless to say he flew home the next day (get well soon mate).

So the week continued (if a little more subdued) with a few rides. One ended down in the valley which was unbearably hot so for the rest of the week we stayed high up in the mountains where it was a little cooler. After a fairly big day on the bikes the lads decided they fancied a break so we had a day hiking and made the summit of Morron del Mediodia. At 2753m it wasn't exactly the easy day they were looking for, but enjoyable none the less.

The rest of the week consisted of more rides, chilling out and consuming the odd beer or two.

The sun continued to shine and before long the week was over. 
Latest news on Mark is he's due to get a metal plate put in (ouch!) to hold those old bones of his together. So we hope all goes well and hopefully he'll be fighting fit for the next trip.

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